GET THE FACE! Adrienne Bailon on the set of Fabulous’ music video.

I recently did Adrienne Bailon’s makeup for an appearance in Fabulous’ music video and used all NARS makeup to “get the face.”  She was wearing a beautiful bright yellow dress so I went for a bronzed, sunkissed look with a smokey eye.  I began working with Adrienne when she was a Cheetah Girl about a year and a half ago and she’s one of my favorites!  She loves makeup! 😉

GET THE FACE – All products by NARS

Skin – The new Firming Foundation all over skin and I set it with loose powder.  I mixed the new Duo Concealer under her eyes and on eyelids only.

Eyes – Duo Eyeshadow in Scorching Sun.  Use the golden color on the brow bone and the more orangy color all over the lid.  In the crease I used Surabaya Duo Eyeshadow (the lighter shade in the crease and the darker blended on the outter corners) Also, use the darker shade to smoke on the lower lid.  I lined the upper and inner lids with Blackmoon liner.  The brows are filled in with the Jodhpur brow pencil.  Several coats of the Black Orchid Mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Cheeks – To contour her face, I used the Casino bronzing powder.  If you have lighter skin, try the Laguna color.  For blush, I used Orgasm on the apples of the cheeks and to highlight, I blended The Multiple in Maldives on the cheek bones and alittle on the bridge of her nose.

Lips are lined with Bomeo lip pencil, followed by Barbarella lipstick and Orgasm lip gloss.

Try it out… its a good look for evening 😉



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  • amynicolaox says:

    This look is simply divine! I picked up prettymuch everything from NARS Summer 09 – except the duo, didn’t think it’d work! I have similar coloring to Adrienne an after I saw this I ran to Sephora and snagged the Scorching Sun Duo so I can recreate the look (I have the other products). Thanks for the inspiration.xx

  • ashley118 says:

    Hi Mario can you plz do get the look of Kim when she was at CW11 Studios.
    And the others we have asked for plz

  • ashley118 says:

    hey mario, could you tell us the color Foundations you use on the get the look. what kind and color you use for loose powder and Concealer. plz
    Thanks mario love this look

  • MakeupFANATIC says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! U are amazing! Keep these “Get the Look” posts coming cause they are the BEST and most useful for a makeup-obsessed person like i am!


  • DanielWallace says:

    Went to Sephora today and thought of all the goodness you might have being there! Ahhh! Lol. Great look. Good job :~)

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