Recreate Kim K’s “Vegas” mag look (video)


If you havnt already seen my makeup video’s I shot with Kim K, check it out!  There are three parts to it.  In the video, you can learn in depth tricks and tips to recreate the “Vegas” magazine look i did on her.  We have another makeup vid coming out soon so stay tuned! Here’s the video – Mario\’s makeup vid

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10 Responses to Recreate Kim K’s “Vegas” mag look (video)

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  • darkntwisty says:

    Mario your work is amazing. I was watching Khloe and Kortney take Miami and Kim was visiting them in the episode. She had a more natural, everyday look on during a small party at their apartment. Could you please do a tutorial on that look. It was lovely and something I would like to wear. Thanks so much!

  • Kristina F. says:

    I did this look on my friend, she was maid of honor.
    She loved it, it looked amazing both live and in the photos.

    I use this look often, just change colors a bit and voila- new look 🙂
    Thank you so much for the video.

  • pinkforever says:


  • pinkforever says:

    hi mario can you tell us the brush you used for under kims eyes when you used the estee lauder translucent powder?

  • ashley118 says:

    One more ? mario what was the brush that you used on kim for the blush?
    plz answer all i would really appreciate it

  • ashley118 says:

    hey mario, could you tell us the colors and brands that you used on kim under her brow bone. did you put anything on her eyelid before you put the eyeshadows? where can we get beauty tech concealer and what color did you use and what brush? what color makeup forever lift Concealer did you use? what color estte lauder translucent powder did you use under her eye? what estte lauder gloss did you use and what color?
    plzzzz mario plz answer plz

  • Angelina says:

    Hey mario i love the vegas look!! I was watching the video and i couldnt really hear the name of the concealor pallet you used on kim. Could you let us know what the brand is? Thanks!

  • princesssassy says:

    I have to admit Vegas is my all time favorite photo shoot of Kim’s and her make up. Something about her make up in this photo shoot is amazing and outstanding. You ROCK MARIO. Can you do another Kim’s Look? You should blog more often.

  • ChilenaMaMii says:

    I love your blogs keep em’ coming! your my favorite make up artist!

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