Answers to your questions, LAST PART ;)

   Thank you all so much for your patience with this.  I    hope that my answers helped.  😉

1.    Hi Mario
Loving all the looks you create with your magic..and thank you sooooo much for this amazing blog where people like us (who have no clue about looking as hot as celebrities) can learn SO much from experts like have a BIG HEART!! thank you for sharing your tips and tricks and giving the exact placement techniques…you are a gem!

now to my question…i actually have REEEALLY dark under-eye circles..i am presently using bobbi brown corrector & a mac concealer…i just thought i should take your expert opinion on this..which concealer would you recommend for HORRIBLY dark under-eye circles and which won’t crease alot…?

If the corrector and concealer are not working for you, you may want to try using 2 concealers.  Go with a cream concealer first, like the Laura Mercier secret camoflauge followed by a liquid conceiler.  The Make Up For Ever lift conceiler is really good and doesn’t crease a lot.

and oh one more thing..i read your blog post about weddings..and the makeup you did for your sister’s wedding was AMAAAZING!! OUT OF THIS WORLD i tell ya!! she looks like an ANGEL!!! i know i might be asking too much..but is it possible you could do a close “GET THE LOOK” for your sister’s wedding makeup? i don’t even know if you still remember it..but i would REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could or atleast just a break-down of how to achieve a similar look for the EYES

Yes, I may do a GET THE FACE for my sisters wedding makeup.

i hope you take my questions into consideration as well..thanks in advance!

a regular reader of your blog…

2.    In January of 2010 I am moving to LA to go to Cinema Makeup School. I currently live in New York, do you think it’s wise for me to move to LA for makeup or would it be best to find a school in NY? I want to know where I have a better chance of succeeding and would love to hear your thoughts about it!

It’s hard for me to say where you would have a better chance in succeeding.  LA is great if you want to get into celebrity makeup and film, etc.  NYC is also great for celebrity work as well as fashion work.  A lot of makeup artist eventually become bi-costal like myself.

3.    Love your work!! I went through all the comments to make sure this wasn’t asked already! I wanted to know about eyebrows. How to shade them in, what brow pencils to choose, etc. Thanks!!!

When doing brows, I like to concentrate more on filling in the outer corners.  I fill in the inner corners as well but slightly.  Keep it soft and natural as to not overpower your face.  I love the MAC brow pencils.  There is a color called lingering which is my favorite and usually works well with most blonds and brunettes.  You can also use any powder eye shadow for a softer effect.

4.    Hi Mario! I absolutely LOVE how you do makeup! My problem is that I have skin slightly on the fair side.

I just recently switched from Bare Minerals (I found it did not cover my acne scars or roseca) and switched to Duo Mat Forever Makeup Powder Foundation. I just got a foundation brush from Sephora called ‘airbrush #55

I was wondering what you think the best blendable brush/concealer to cover my face problems would be, and how I should use it. Esp under eye circles and acne scars.

I really appreciate reading your posts, I am so thankful someone with your skill is helping us out!!

I think that brush is great.  In areas where you need more coverage, try using a sponge and then buff the face with the powder all over for an even coverage.  I don’t recommend using just a pressed powder under the eyes.  Try a concealer under your eyes instead.

5.    Hi Mario! I hope everything is going well for you. I have oily skin and wanted to know what face lotion do you recommend? I’ve tried products from Target to expensive La Mer and La Prairie and also I was wondering what is a good face wash to use to remove make up and without make up. I am currently using Shu but for some reason I don’t feel like it works to well.

I also love Kimmie’s make up. I was wondering when are you going to post more GET THE LOOK. I love the make up you did for kim when she attended the fashion show in NYC. Can you share with me and everyone.


For oily skin, definitely use an oil free moisturizer.  There are so many out there and I’m hesitant to recommend one to you.  I love DDF and Peter Thomas Roth moisturizers.  You should try cleaning your face first with a makeup remover wipe then wash with a cleanser.  Being that you have oily skin, you should exfoliate a couple of times a week too.  There is a line out called June Jacobs that I really love.  Give it a try.

6.    For the get the look you did on Adrienne Bailon what color Foundation did you use? what kind and color did you use for loose powder and Concealer?
Your the best love ur blog so much its my Fav!

I really can’t remember what exact shades I used.  I mix colors a lot and it would be overwhelming for me to remember the exact shade of every product I’ve used in the past.  You should find a shade to match your skin perfectly. 

7.    Mario-You are a genius! I want to go into make-up and it helps to hear your story. My question is how to accentuate small eyes? In photos my eyes always look small and squinty. I don’t want to look over done but I am sick of looking like I am blinded by the sun in my photos, haha. Please help.

Small eyes are pretty too ;).  To make small eyes appear more open or bigger, try using a beige/vanilla or white pencil on the inner rim of your eyes.  MAC makes a great white pencil and Three Custom Color Specialists make great Vanilla colored pencils.  They’re called Light Clarifier pencils.  Also, use a shimmer shadow or pencil on your tear ducts to open and separate the eyes.  My favorite is b-dazzle by GIELLA custom blend cosmetics.

8.    Hey Mario, what foundation/skin products and lashes did you use on Kim K. in your first post? I’ve been dieing to know for ages! Looks gorgeous.

On skin- Diorskin nude foundation, Laura Mercier loose powder.  For the lashes, I cut up different pairs of lashes and kind of made my own so would be hard to replicate that.

9.    hey mario, how can i get fuller lips?

Pencil in your lips with a natural shade and go slightly above the lip line.  Also, use a light color on the center of your lip.


10.                       MARIO omg honestly you are the best of the best darlin i saw u at kim’s dvd launch and i was honored! ive been dying to know the eyeshadows you had on kim that day for her dvd launch what was it? and what lipstick did she have on? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know…thanks xoxox

I used neutral, shimmery colors on her eyes that day.  LORAC baked eye shadow trio in Superstar.  MAC lipstick in Myth and Victoria’s Secret Gloss in Pink Guava.

1.    Hello Mario. I am a big fan of your work and was hoping if you could give me some tips on the ever so famous yet tricky smokey eye look. My skin complexsion would be similar to Oprah Winfrey to give you an idea, ha. I want to achieve the PIERCING smokey eye you give Kim K. Also how can I achieve this look without having it smudged underneath the eye. I know you have so many questions to answer. Thank you for your time.


Go with a very pigmented black pencil like Smolder by MAC. Line the top and bottom of your eyes and the inner rims.  Apply dark shadow all over eyelid up to the crease and blend.  Smoke the same dark shadow on the lower line.  To prevent from smudging, be sure to use powder under the eye and over the concealer. 

2.    Hi Mario …..pls pls help me with this, i bought gorgio armani silk luminous foundation 6.5 as evry makeup artist told me this was my perefect shade and I also thought it was but then in my photos I look orange. .is this oxidation issue. I have combination skin. I apply primer, foundation then set with powder.what am I doing wrong. out of all the foundations i’ve tried from different companies this is the one I like most- in terms of look it gives but problem with color of it. Please tell me what shades you mix for Kim as my skin color is similar to her’s and I’m planning to mix my own colors. How to I pick which colors to mix. Also please give advice on what makeup to use to look good in photos. Thank you. Thanks for all your hard working in creating videos, blog all, your advice and tips

Maybe the powder or bronzer that you’re using is changing the color of the base. This happens a lot.  First try to apply just the foundation and take a picture of it to see if it still looks orange.  If not, you’re good.  Use a translucent powder to prevent that from happening.  If you’re still orange, then it’s the wrong shade for you.  Again, it’s very hard for me to remember what exact shades and numbers I mix.  Hope you understand.

3.    Hi Mario,

I rarely wear makeup, but I would like to begin to. In the morning I usually don’t have much time to play with hair and makeup, if any – maybe 5 min. tops. What are the makeup essentials for a simple, quick, and easy look?

For that amount of time, I would say to use a tinted moisturizer all over your skin to even you out.  Apply with your fingers.  Try the Laura Mercier or shop around to find what you like best.  Mascara, a little blush and/or bronzer and a gloss or lipstick on the lips.

4.    Hi Mario,
I live in Ghana and the weather is usually very hot all year. pls what kinds and brands of makeup can last all day here? i am african and am 20yrs but i have these big permanent bags under my eyes. how do i hide them with makeup so i don’t look so tired all the time. thanks.

Try using a primer before you put on your makeup.  Try the photo finish primer by Smashbox.  I think that application is more important than the actual brands of makeup.  Use a primer first, then a foundation and finish with a loose powder.  Use the loose powder with a powder puff.  I like the powder puff’s by MAC.  Press it into the skin and the makeup will last longer.  Same with under eye concealer.  Set it with a lighter loose powder.

5.    Hi Mario,
Let me just start by saying your work is brilliant and inspirational. The fact that you can take the time to answer questions says a lot about you, so I would like to thank you in advance. I currently use MAC prep & prime, Mac studio fix fluid, and fix powder. However I notice that my skin always looks very shinny when I take pictures, so today I purchased the Make up Forever HD liquid and the HD micro finish loose powder. Do you think this was a right move and is it okay to incorporate the MAC pressed powder or will that take away from the HD look? kinda kicking myself for not consulting you first…lol..

I think it’s totally ok to change up and use different brands together and you should.  Try one powder with the other foundation and vice versa.  It could look great.  Use the MAC pressed powder lightly with a brush and you should be fine.  It’s really more about preference.  The HD powder is a lot less coverage and a different look.  Play around with everything and you will discover and learn a lot.

6.    Mario! =)
You’re truly amazing! I sincerely hope you can answer my questions.

1. I have oily & acne prone skin, which I am treating with proactive skin care. I was wondering what foundation would be the best option for oily skinned people like myself? I know there are yellow based and pink based foundations – My skin is light (not pale though) with pink undertones – What foundation what you recommend that would give full and flawless coverage?

Thank you so much! I hope you help me!

Ella xox

Definitely use a matte foundation.  Try the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet foundation.  It gives great coverage and looks smooth.  Follow with a loose powder so it doesn’t start looking too thick.

7.    Hi =)
I have acne pron skin, currently I am using Glo Minerals and I think it is causing me to break out. I am taking prescription medication from the doctor and it seems to be working except for the makeup. What kind of makeup should I be using on my skin? I have tried so many things, I am just tiered of having acne. Please help.


This is a hard one for me to answer as I don’t specialize in skincare.  The best you can do is consult with your dermatologist and see what he/she has to say.  There are a few skin care lines out there that make foundations for sensitive and acne prone skin – I would recommend you to do some research on that.


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6 Responses to Answers to your questions, LAST PART ;)

  • Amberosia09 says:

    I had a question about contouring. I’ve tried contouring my square shaped face and nose to non surgically fix the areas, but to no success. I’ve actually started to avoid taking pictures because of how unhappy my contouring comes out (areas come out much darker and in the wrong areas). Any advice on techniques and what products do you use on kim to contour her nose?? My skin tone is a natural-warm beige-ish. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • honey8701 says:

    hi,You have inspired many people who have not had the ablility to work with a professional liek yourself. kims smokey eye look to harsh for people with her new colour her honey blonde colour?

    2.I saw a picture of kim k on her website for a coffee table sophistication book shoot it states how did you do her makeup .It lookS LIKE makeup jlo would wear what products did she use for her eyes, lips and cheeks and eyebrows???

    3.what shimmer is used in kim k’s new a little shimmer goes a long way what makeup is she wearing in that picture.

    i look forward to reading your replys thank you so much,I cant wait to see your new creations.

  • Doreen says:

    For question #7 – I have suffered breakouts all my life. Even if a makeup says it doesn’t cause acne it still would break me out. I have tried everything and the foundations I have found that don’t make me breakout worse are Make Up Forever HD High Definition Foundation, L’Oreal True Match Liquid Makeup and Bare Minerals Foundation from Bare Escentuals. The Make Up Forever is my favorite and use together with the Bare Escentuals to conceal any spots I may have.
    Also FYI – I have read that pasta, rice and white bread cause acne in some people. I have done my own experiment and I believe 100% that these foods cause me to breakout like crazy, pasta especially. I try to only have it when I crave it because I LOVE pasta and can’t live without it! Hope this helps!

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  • NyCzDoLL says:

    love the new question/answer blog..i am learning so much from this blog it xoxo….a few suggestions…

    for QUESTION #1 -i also use b/brown’s corrector..its amazing isnt it?? i would suggest trish mcevoy concealer for dark circles..i have been using it for YEARS and i am obsessed w/ me! It comes in 2 diff shades so u can mix and match xoxo..

    for QUESTION #5 regarding oily skin…i would say try SK-II moisturizer n wash. They are AMAZING, esp if you have acne..its called “The facial lift Emulsion”..the wash is an oil that u can use to remove makeup as well..sooooo amazing!!!! if not SK-II, try sensai..kanebo products..they work great as well xoxo..

    and for QUESTION #7 i highly recommend getting LA MER’s loose powder…its amazing for acne prone gives the perfect amount of coverage and does not make u breakout…i started using it a few years ago and i DIE FOR IT…also for concealer (to cover acne scars), i use Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Sensual Skin Enhancer” on a little bit and it works!!! and most importantly IT DOESN’T CLOG PORES…loveee it xoxo and babe if u are on medication for acne, do get yourself a nice moisturizer…again try either SK-II or sensai kanebo…


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