GET THE FACE – Kim Kardashian’s sexy, smokey eye.


I did this smokey-eyed look on Kim recently here in NYC for the Three Olive’s Bubble Flavored Vodka party.  Beleive it or not but this was actually the first time that I’ve done an all-black smokey eye on her, so for us, it was a different look.  When I saw the cool outfit she was going to wear, I thought it was the right time to finally do the really dark eye’s I’d been wanting to try on her.  Here’s how you can “get the face:”

Skin – I prepped her skin with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer first.  I let her skin absorb that for a couple of minutes before applying Mat Velvet + Matyfying Foundation by Make Up For Ever.  I use this foundation from time to time.  It gives a very velvety and pore-less look to the skin.  For powder, I used very little of Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder by Calvin Klein to set the foundation with a powder puff.

I used Dior’s DiorSkin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer under the eyes after all of the eye makeup was complete.  (When working with black eye shadow, it will almost always fall down a bit and make a mess so clean the under eye area with a makeup wipe, then apply concealer.)

Her eyebrow’s are filled in softly with MAC’s Cork eyeshadow – with more of the focus on the outter corners of the brow.

Eyes – Apply Shu Uemuras Painting Liner Eye Liner in MBlack all over the eye lids and on the lower lash line as well. This is a long-lasting and highly pigmented black cream liner.  To set that eyeliner and blend it up and out towards the crease, I used Lorac’s Eye Shadow in Black.  The inner rim of the eye is lined with MAC’s white eye pencil in Fascinating.  Using all black on the eyes can sometimes make them appear smaller so the white pencil on the inner rim is a great trick for opening your eyes.  Finish off with two or three coats of L’oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

Cheeks – Apply Desire by NARS ( the perfect pink) on the apples of cheeks and blend well.  The face is framed in Casino Bronzer by NARS.

Lips – I lined her lips with MAC’s lip pencil in Subculutre and used Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Pink Protege.  

Do you love Kim’s look from this event?  Monica Rose, Kim’s amazing fashion stylist posted “how to get Kim’s look for less!” on her blog.  Check it out –


Xox – Mario






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22 Responses to GET THE FACE – Kim Kardashian’s sexy, smokey eye.

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  • Cherry28 says:

    Thanks so much for doing a “get the face” on this look. I love all your work, but this one really caught my eye. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • little me says:

    hey mario ,

    thanks for replying …but would you have any idea what colours you mixed in? lol…i find it so hard to get the shade right …because it’s either to fair or dark …but thanks anyways.Love your work.


  • Pinks85 says:

    Hey Mario! I was hoping Kim would share how she got this look! I have really oily lids and no eyeliner ever stays on the inner rim. (i’ve tried all sorts of high end brands). However there is a line called Blinc and they make mascara and now they make eyeliner. Its a liquid eyeliner and i use the eyeliner the way you have used the Shu Uemuras Painting Liner Eye Liner on lower lash line. I use this small brush i got from an art store to get close to the lash line. i was always self conscious about not lining the inner rim. And so i was so excited that that look can be done and its normal just as you have done. My question is what is the brush you used to apply the Shu Uemuras Painting Liner Eye Liner on the lower lashline?

  • fabyl0us says:

    Hi, I’ve got a quest… I don’t know if u will ever respond but let me still ask u. My skin color in tanned do u think I still need to put on the bronzer by Nars? thanks

    Sure. You can still use a bronzer. Casino is the darker of the two. If it doesn’t add much color, it will give you a soft glow.

  • fabyl0us says:

    Hi, I’ve got a quest… I don’t know if u will ever respond but let me still ask u. My skin color in tanned do u think I still need to put on the bronzer by Nars? thnx:)

  • lmart75 says:

    Thanks Mario for sharing these looks, its really appreciated.

  • Kristina F. says:

    This look is amazing. Love how the color just fades but still gives the eye that cat eye look.
    You are a true artist!

  • little me says:

    Hey Mario!
    was wondering what exact foundation shades or colours do you use on kim …I would say im the same colour as her.


    I always mix different colors of foundation so it would be hard for me to tell you what color foundation to use.

  • Reem says:

    I didn’t know you made this look !!! i was wondering who did . I love it!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley118 says:

    hey mario,
    Can you tell us how we can get the makeup look from Mariah Careys video obsessed when shes on the pink sofa with a dress on and there taking pics of her. have you ever worked with her.

  • ashley118 says:

    I love this look. Can you plz tell us the color foundation and concealer you used on this look and every time you post get the face. i have like this same skin tone as her.
    thanks love ur work

    Ashley, I usually don’t tell the colors of the foundation because I mix different colors most of the time.

  • Mario says:

    Love reading your comments

  • Mario says:

    Thanks guys!

  • laa says:

    thank you for always sharing… i love your work and you inspire me everyday.

  • MzFletcher says:

    Super sexy. I love it. I’m always reading Mario. I can’t get enough. I just did something similar to my friend for an event…Eyes were more dramatic but pale chicks and lips. I would love to show so i can get some pointers. Pretty plz!!!

  • missmc says:

    I love this look 😉

  • maikito says:

    This has to be my favorite look.. love the eyes.

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