Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami!



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7 Responses to Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami!

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  • little me says:

    hey watched the show…and the make up was flawless!!!!!

    especially kourtney’s.

    would love if you did blog’s on their looks…especially when they were at all those interviews promoting kourtney and khloe take miami.


  • BrownEyes says:

    mario mr. make up god! when will you post the get the face on Adreinne Bailon’s Steppin Out Cover shoot! The anticipation is killing me! and i love the pics you did in the back of the car at night!!! are you kidding me wow you really have talent!!!!! xoxo mario!

  • BrownEyes says:

    god you’re awesome! more blogs !!!

  • mufreak09 says:

    Hey Mario! I know Khloe gets pretty oily and is prone to break outs so what moisturizer did you use for the girls under the makeup?

    Also, what do you use to apply the diorskin nude foundation?

    Thanks, your the greatest.

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