My new website ;-)

Hey Loves!  Im excited for my new site that just launched a couple of hours ago and wanted to show you guys.  It’s very similiar to my old site, but with a few changes.  Now you can see all of the images and scroll through them, where before you had to click on an arrow to get to the next one, LOL.  The site is also lighter now and my contact page is all up to date with its links and info.  Notice I am now represented by Pure Management!  Im super excited to be with them.  My agent Ingrid is beyond great!  What do you think of the site?

My talented freind and web designer Bryan Viper did the entire site in one night!  We’re going to be working on changing up my blog very soon too.  Stay tuned! xo Mario

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5 Responses to My new website ;-)

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  • emmz says:

    Mario, love the new site. I really like the idea that you can scroll sideways for pictures and can see them at a glance all in one go.

    How about having your bio in the left side of navigation (above beauty link), more prominent place. At first I couldn’t find it then saw it on contact page.

    Otherwise, if you have specific idea behind having bio on contact page, maybe there is a way the links could be arranged in a way that could stand out more individually. Also, how about if you move the mario dedivanovic makeup header to the top of the box – just a thought and bouncing ideas as I think of them.

    Hope this helps:) Can’t say it enough….just love your work and thank you for all the time you spend giving advice even though you are really busy.I always look forward to your new blog posts.

  • STR says:

    Mario, LOVE the site! Not sure where to ask this question. What, if ANY lip plumpers do you think actually work? and what are your feelings on lip injections? fake? thank you, you are a true artist!

  • jenm says:

    I like it, but I think the images in the site intro go by too quickly. I’d show each image for about 5 seconds. Or if you just want it to be a quick intro, you should flash more images for a shorter period of time. The length of time the images are currently being shown at is not long enough to get a good look at them, but too long for just a quick collage. I also think it’d be fun if you had a quick bio/resume on the site. I would also consider using a little css for your navigation on the left hand side instead of using those gifs because the images appear a little pixelated, particularly this one: Your name should be in gif format to keep the lines crisp. The jpg format is making it look blurry. Overall, it’s a nice design, but you should fix those few things to keep it looking crisp.

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