Get The Face – Kim K @ The Emmy’s

Hey Beautiful!  For this Emmy’s look, I gave the lovely Daneen over at Spoiled Pretty an exclusive on the makeup I used.  Click here to check it out and find out more about Aquagirl eyeshadow that I custom blended at GIELLA cosmetics.  Xox Mario

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3 Responses to Get The Face – Kim K @ The Emmy’s

  • little me says:

    hey mario …

    will you please tell us how you did kim’s make up at the hollywood life awards…and her birthday look…thought she looked amazing at both.


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  • Reem says:

    I love this look and your get the faces i wish you would do videos it would be easier to know how to apply some of the fascinating looks you display on your blog . I really admire the work that you do and their truly isn’t a better make up artist out there like you.

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