Birthday besos for my beautiful Bailon ;-)

adrienne bday1

Today is Adrienne Bailon’s Birthday!  You all know that I obviously love working with Adrienne – she’s a total makeup girl, sweet, and SO funny.  I was laughing the whole time I was putting these images together remembering the crazy things that we talk about.  Adrienne I love you and have the best birthday ever *minerva*  Xo Mario

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4 Responses to Birthday besos for my beautiful Bailon ;-)

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  • Miss Smith says:

    i live in Jamaica and u r my inspiration everyday to be the best make up artist i can be. I aspire to be like u each day. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner i practice your tips. What is your top ten tips/secret to being such a damn good make up artist?

  • Daniel says:

    Adrienne is such a beauty, like Kim !
    Happy birthday to Miss Bailooon.

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