Looking back… way back!

JESSICA butterfly

This is my freind Jessica that I used to practice on when I first started in makeup at 17 years old.  I’ll never forget this shoot because it was my first shoot ever!  I remeber she was laying on the kitchen floor as I was holding a lightbulb over her face while my freind Stephan took the pictures.  I think I used a clay mask all over her face to get that texture.  At the time, Sephora used to make these lipsticks that came in every color imaginable and I used them on her eyes and lips, LOL.  Then theres the butterfly.  Then theres the chunk of glitter right on the hairline.  Good times!

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8 Responses to Looking back… way back!

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  • Alisha23 says:

    I’ve been using Bare minerals for a few years now, and want more of a polished look now. I want to use MUFE HD foundation I think, but am not sure.What would be good makeup to use as far as foundation and powder to switch to?

  • missjmp says:

    I am SO FAMOUS! This was the best day, M. Do you remember how I saw butterfly hanging in the room and we grabbed it, thinking it was the coolest idea ever for the shoot? The good old days!

    XOXOXO for another decade, then more and more….

  • Jess says:

    Practice makes perfect. And u have definately reached PERFECTION! Muah….I absolutely love ur work!

  • jenny says:

    that is awesome! that would be so cool if you could do some halloween looks. do you have any face masks photo of looks that you’ve done? those would be neat to see!

  • 5amlove says:

    Hello mario!

    First off I just wanna say that you are truly amazing.. Don’t worry love, I’m not gonna bombard you with questions like what mascara did you use in the video (when you obviously stated it -.-) or something hahaha .. But its really nice of you, taking the time to answer all these little questions you already answered and you’re so patient with them. Which makes it so easy to love you hehe..

    dare i say it but you’re by far the best makeup artist I’ve ever came across. You’re not selfish with your tips and techniques, you’re really skilled and informative and Kim is so so lucky to have you by her side and doll her up. I really don’t know what to say except like dude, for fucking real ,you are mind blowingggg.. You’re so full of talent and I’m so happy for you that you made it this far in the makeup industry, working on celebs and stuff. Your hard work paid off and you got the credit and recognition you rightfully deserved.

    Keep on doing what you do best Mario! And keep your updates coming cos crazy wannabes like me that would kill to have you do your magic on our faces need a lil mario dose every now and then.

    All my love from Singapore!

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