TWIP of the day… For a five minute face…

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For a five minute face, go with monocharomatic colors and  skip the brows and liner.  Try Embrace eyeshadow by Josie Maran. Xo Mario

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4 Responses to TWIP of the day… For a five minute face…

  • savannahf says:

    Mario- I am definitely an avid reader of your blog, and I created an account finally so that I could comment on this TWIP. I agree with carmeldip32 when I say that I noticed how stick-thin the model is. I am very happy that the modeling industry is beginning to address unhealthy weight. While I love the makeup, I do wish that you might have gone with a model whose body is as beautiful as her face since her body is also so prominently featured here.

  • josephine says:

    god you are really gifted.I really love kim’s make-up on her birthday would love to find out the whole face and the glitz!i nearly log on ever day to see if you have posted it.I have bought loads of great make-up that you have said.thanx so please please put kims birthday make-up on the site she looks fab tanx….

  • carmeldip32 says:


    I think you are a gifted artist, and I love your blog. With that said, I get that picture is about her make-up, but her body image is so unhealthy. A lot of young girls (and older ones) will look at this picture and think, well to be beautiful I must be this thin. I know that was not the intent of the picture, but if I said it when I first saw it, someone else did as well.
    I still love you and your work.

  • jenny says:

    i luv you Mario!

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