GET THE FACE! Kim K’s b-day look…Vegas

kims Bday2

So many of you have been asking me for a “Get the Face” post on this look that I gave Kim… so here it is!  LOL.  I had fun glamming Kim up for her Vegas birthday.  I did her makeup that night while she was laying down on this big, comfortable spa table/reclining chair and it was actually great doing makeup that way.  It’s more exciting when they can’t see what i’m doing the whole time because they get surprised at the end.  😉  PS… The other birthday look from LA is coming very soon too!

Skin – I used Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS all over the skin.  Under the eyes and to highlight I used YSL’s Touch Eclat.  To set everything use a touch of Translucent Loose Powder by Shiseido.

Eyebrows are softly filled in with MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Lingering.

Eyes – Urban Decay eyeshadow in Eldorado on eye lids and browbone.  Smog eyeshadow also by Urban Decay on the crease of the eye and outter corners of the lids.  Smolder Eye Kohl by MAC rimming the entire eye and on the inner rims.  Use more liner towards the outter corners.  Using a clean brush, blend along the lashlines, moving up and out.  Apply more liner for intensity if needed.  Finish the eyes with two coats of Lancome’s Hynose Drama Mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Cheeks – On the apples of the cheeks, use Passion blush by Josie Maran.  Skin is bronzed with Josie Maran Bronzing Powder.  Brush it along the hairline, jawline and hollows of cheeks.  To highlight the cheek bones, use Trace Gold blush by MAC.

Lips are lined with MAC’s Cremestick Liner in Summerfruit followed by Lipgelee in Saplicious, also by MAC.

Have fun and take pics!  Xo Mario

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17 Responses to GET THE FACE! Kim K’s b-day look…Vegas

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  • Amelia C says:

    Hey Mario 🙂

    For the past several months, the most requested look I get is for Kim K. In fact, I found this blog because I was looking for samples for another Kim K makeup look request. Your style is appealing to the majority of my clients right now, which makes your “get the face” blog especially helpful to me 🙂 Thanks for being open to sharing, and way to raise the bar!

    Amelia C

  • elle says:

    Hi Mario!

    I love your work! You do amazing makeup on Kim K. Can you please please please post the ‘get the face’ for her other birthday look :)(the one where she’s in the red dress.

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  • browneyes1 says:


  • Zarette says:

    i love this look.all i can say 🙂 she looks amazing,how do you do the concealer under the eyes?thanks 🙂

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  • makeuplove says:

    i love your get the face posts!! 🙂 i like to know which products are good to use 🙂

  • nancy says:

    that might be concealer in that pic I cant tell! if it is, im sorry!

  • o0_haylo_0o says:

    Hi Mario,

    I saw a pic of Kim with a light yellow powder underneath her eyes before blush was applied.

    First question: Do you know if Mac or any drugstore brands have this type of powder?
    (I understand you can use concealer but I like the powder look better)
    Second Question: Does blush get applied on top of the powder or do you stop the powder before the blush area and sweep away the excess after blush? I would love to know how this works. I have posted the pic below. It was for her Ocean Drive shoot. Thanks!

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Mario,

    thank you so much for this “get the face” ! We want more get the face ! ^^
    But for the next time, could you please say the color of the products, for example the Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS I’d love to know the color you used on Kim because I’d like exactly the same result.
    And also, could you please try once a “CHEAP GET THE FACE”, because you often use expensive products and We can’t always buy them because of the price. It would be really nice ! Everyone, don’t you think it’s a great idea ?

    I love you, XOXO

  • TheMakeupRepublic says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I actually own most of the stuff you used and I will def. replicate this look. Maybe I will make another Youtube Video! LOL

    Anyway, I come to your page everyday and I am so happy that you share your talent with us.

    Take Care,
    The Makeup Republic

  • olagbehj says:

    Hey Mario, I absolutely love your work, I have the eyeshadow called smog but not the eldorado, I stopped by Urban decay today and they said the eldorado was an eyeliner not an eyeshadow, or was the eyeshadow you used from an le pallete, or is it just available in the US as I’m from the uk. I would really like to know as I have always been looking for a type of golden eyeshadow look. Could you suggest any other type of golden eyeshadow for black skin tones.

    Sorry To Bombard you with questions
    P.S we just got smash box in londond 🙂

    Much Love


  • akira says:

    Thank you Mario! You are amazing. I can’t wait to try this look for my BIRTHDAY! It’s the right look for a big event.

  • AlphaBlonde says:

    I’m definitely going to try this look out, it’s one of my personal favorites from you, your highlighting technique is killer and makes a great signature. I’ll definitely take pix if it comes out good! 🙂


  • lovemakeup1 says:

    Thank you Mario lol.
    You need to post more lol.
    I love your Twip of the day but I prefer you post more of Get the face more often.

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