Makeup Mondays: Organizing my makeup

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This week on my column, Makeup Monday’s with Mario, I answer a question from Jen who asked how I go about organizing my products in my kit as well as at home…  Check out Spoiled Pretty to get my answer. Xo Mario

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  • monchou says:

    Bonsoir, Monsieur Dedivanovic!
    Which products do you prefer on blemished (quite oily) skin?
    Currently I work with camouflage creme as a base to cover roughly and even out the skin tone with fluid foundation. Of course my skin surface is not very even, since I can’t get rid of the blemishes but reds are covered quite well.
    But I feel like this way of covering is too heavy and it feels like a mask + it migt clog my pores. Do you have a recommendation for a “lighter” coverage without a mask effect? + any tips for blemished skin?
    Thank you, you’re wonderful!

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  • destahnee says:

    Hi Mario,
    My name is Susan and I just want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! You are so talented! I have a few question to ask. I’m asian, and I have pretty tan skin. I’m trying to find the perfect flawless foundation and powder. I have oily skin, and I also take a lot of photos. So I want it to be picture perfect for the camera. I want to achieve Kim Kardashian flawless foundation and powder. What would you recommend? I’ll be so happy if you had reply back whenever your not busy that is. =) I love you Mario and you are my superman!


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