Im Loving… Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

The other day I received a huge box in the mail and inside was the entire line of Motives cosmetics by the gracious and gorgeous Loren Ridinger! (Pics above of almost everything Loren sent me) My assistant and I spent hours testing all of the shades and textures – many of which will now be staples in my kit.

I used the white pencil on set yesterday on a model and it turned out flawless and lasted all day.  Today I used a few different gold and warm toned eye shadows on Kim.  The pigment and textures are beautiful and I look forward to using Motives more often.  Thanks Loren! Xo Mario

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8 Responses to Im Loving… Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

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  • mel says:

    hey mario please can blog more and do more ‘get the face’ as i visit regularly and love your work!
    Mel from London

  • dehmorais says:

    HeY Mario!!! I saw a picture of Kim at nascar, and I WOULD LOVE to see that on “get the face”!!! I absolutely loved her make up!!! Gorgeous! Please post pictures and tell us how u did it!!! =))) xoxo from brasil

  • redrose32086 says:

    Hi Mario, I hope you can answer me with this problem I’m having when it comes to applying lipstick/lipgloss. For the past couple of years I’ve been trying on different types/color of lipsticks/lipglosses but I have one major problem not even the makeup artist at the counter knew the answer to. Half of my lips towards the inner part is very moist that lipstick does not go on and the outer part is okay. When I open my mouth and talk it seems like I only applied the lipstick to just the outer part of my lips and it looks really bad and obvious. Is there anything I can do because I cannot wear any lipstick or colorful lipglosses? Please help.

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  • juicy2586 says:

    Hi Mario,

    I was curious in knowing what type of eye cream is good for undereye circles. Which one do you use on kim?



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