Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Season 4 Finale tonight!

As a lot of you all know, I flew out to LA to work on Season 4 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  It was a season full of drama, excitement, tears and everything in between. I feel fortunate to have been there to witness Khloe’s marriage to Lamar and Kourt’s pregnancy.  I cant forget Kim’s Vegas birthday! (LOL) The Kardashian girls are truly beautiful inside and out and I had an amazing time glamming them up everyday for over two months.  Kourt – thanks for being the best pregnant woman I’ve ever worked on.  Khloe – thanks for the endless laughs and Kim, my muse – thanks for continuing to inspire me everyday.

I hope you all enjoyed watching the season as much as I enjoyed both watching and working it!   Im so excited to watch the finale tonight on E! because I know it’s going to be sooo good!  Im also sad because Sunday nights wont be the same until next season. 😉 Let me know what you think of the finale!  XoXo Mario

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  • mmsp says:

    HI!!! I have the same questions as the above posters. What color pink blush did u use for Kourtney in the finale and what clear makeup shelf are they using? Thanks so much Mario!

  • princesssassy says:

    Hi Mario!

    Hi Mario!

    I admire ALL your work especially on Kim K. You sure know how to make a girl look perfect. You are very inspirational to me and all girls out there… Can you please share with us how we could get Kim’s look on the late night with Jimmy Fallon, Today show & Fashion Show and the Cupcake Mix Launch. Thank you…

  • paoveva says:

    Hi Mario,
    I just want to tell you that you are THE BEST!!! and also I would like to know where Kris got those acrylic cosmetic drawers they have stacked in their bathrooms?
    Thanks in advance.

  • makeupfanatic23 says:

    Hi Mario,
    You are such an amazing make up artist! What is your favorite blush to use on the Kardashians? Their blush always looks so flawless!

  • AlphaBlonde says:

    This season was so much fun..LOL @ Kim’s Vegas birthday…Rob and Scott were nuts! I can’t wait to see more of you in the next season doing what you do best!! xoxoxo

  • alina23 says:

    Mario, love your work, you’re obviously extremely talented! I love that you make these girls and so many more look glam without them looking like they’re wearing “too” much makeup.

    I actually also have a question, what is the pink blush you put on Kim and Kourtney – during the finale when Kourtney was talking with her mom about taking Scott back she had the specific blush on, its the prettiest pink! Would love to know, thank you 🙂


  • GiGi says:

    Hi Mario! OMG you are sooo talented and you did such an amazing job on the Girls this season ;)… they all looked Ah-mazing!!!

    On a separate note, would you happen to know where the girls and Kris got those acrylic cosmetic drawers they have stacked in their bathrooms?? I know this question is super random but I’ve noticed them in a few episodes this season and they would be the perfect tool for me to keep all my makeup really organized and in plain sight! Any help would be appreciated!! Gracias ;D!!!


  • makeupgrl says:

    You really do an amazing job on all the ladies! I think we must work in the best industry ever! lol I’d actually love to know more of Khloe’s looks! Or at least her lip colors!

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