Organizing my makeup closets…

I’ve been trying to organize all of my makeup, skincare, lashes etc that I have at home and it’s no easy task! Thought I would share some pics with you showing my progress thus far.  Keeping all of this (and there is more in boxes that I didn’t take pics of) organized is important to me so that I know what I have and where to grab it when Im packing but it takes so much time!  How do you like to organize things?  Any tips for me?  Xo Mario

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2 Responses to Organizing my makeup closets…

  • markjones says:

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  • sureyya says:

    wow you have a *lot* of makeup!!! I use a drawer system too, I have a cupboard for skincare, and two mini chest of drawers for my makeup which is labelled, eyes, lipstick, gloss, face, and spares! I would love to be locked in your closet though!! I love the clear drawers from Muji, they are fab! x

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