A look for spring

This image is from a beauty shoot that I worked on last month.  Beauty shoots have always been my favorite to work on.  Very few things make me happier then a good ol’ beauty shoot, LOL. I gave the model my interpretation of a modern spring look.  I was going for a look that was clean and modern, but also strong. I used minimal product and focused on defining her features softly.  How do you like the lip color I blended? Let me know in the comments if you’d like a breakdown for this look.  X0, Mario

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9 Responses to A look for spring

  • aprilinia7 says:

    Hi Mario!
    Oh wow…PLEASE break down the look for this one. The lip color is out of this world!! You never cease to amaze me. :}

  • ra says:

    Yes! I would love a breakdown of the lip-mix!
    By the way I love the 3-D effect you create on Kim K!

  • ana.banana says:

    What did you use on the eyes? What is the lipstick? thanks!

  • lmartin says:

    Mario, I do like this lip color. It’s different (not the usual coral or pink look). Very fresh and soft looking. I would love to see a breakdown of the beautiful work you did!


  • invisiblyme says:

    I absolutely love the blended lip color! It looks perfect for spring and i would love to have a breakdown for this look. Please…. 🙂

  • maxlogic says:

    Yes you should definitely do a breakdown. I love this look!

  • natasha says:

    im loving your makeup for a while now…i also love to blend colours and i love the corals and peaches. I usually use Yves Saint Laurent liptick no 144 to get a similar look to yours..What did you mix to achieve this colour….?

  • cupcakebabe11 says:

    yes definitely need you to do a “get the face” and could you explain how to get that full coverage for people like me that have blotchy uneven skin??

  • luvvie says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the entire look and am desperate for a breakdown of her lip color!

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