Halloween makeup…

Hey guys…  Send me pics of your Halloween makeup to and I will post my faves on here 🙂  Below is a Halloween look I did on someone a couple of years ago.


Sky’s the Limit…

AC Magazine Sky Nellor small

She’s a former mega model turned renowned DJ and  she’s one of my favorite faces to paint!  Sky Nellor is gorgeous.  I met Sky a few years ago through my freind, hairstylist Ricardo Rojas who recommended I do her makeup for a New York Times feature.  After using an image of her today for my TWIP of the day, I figured I’d show you some more images of our work together.

sky nellor

sky nellor1 behind scnee

Vegas Magazine

This Vegas Magazine shoot was my first cover with Sky and my first time working with photographer Sante D’Orazio.  Ricardo Rojas styled the hair on all images above.  Stylist was Rebecca Weinberg.  Hope you like it!  Xo Mario

TWIP of the day! Want gorgeous, glowing cheekbones?

image cover

Want gorgeous, glowing cheekbones?   Blend a bit of L’Oreal’s HiP Illuminating Highlighter in Twinkling onto your cheekbones.  Use the darker shade to acheive a bronzy glow, or mix the two.


TWIP of the day! To thoroughly cleanse your brushes…

makeup brushes

To thoroughly cleanse your brushes, use The Makeup Brush Cleanser by Clinique.  It will help your brushes last longer too.

brush cleanser

TWIP of the day! For the perfect red & matte lips…


For the perfect red and matte lips, use Forbidden Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from NARS.


Looking back… way back!

JESSICA butterfly

This is my freind Jessica that I used to practice on when I first started in makeup at 17 years old.  I’ll never forget this shoot because it was my first shoot ever!  I remeber she was laying on the kitchen floor as I was holding a lightbulb over her face while my freind Stephan took the pictures.  I think I used a clay mask all over her face to get that texture.  At the time, Sephora used to make these lipsticks that came in every color imaginable and I used them on her eyes and lips, LOL.  Then theres the butterfly.  Then theres the chunk of glitter right on the hairline.  Good times!

TWIP of the day… For a five minute face…

book rit 4a_015

For a five minute face, go with monocharomatic colors and  skip the brows and liner.  Try Embrace eyeshadow by Josie Maran. Xo Mario

Birthday besos for my beautiful Bailon ;-)

adrienne bday1

Today is Adrienne Bailon’s Birthday!  You all know that I obviously love working with Adrienne – she’s a total makeup girl, sweet, and SO funny.  I was laughing the whole time I was putting these images together remembering the crazy things that we talk about.  Adrienne I love you and have the best birthday ever *minerva*  Xo Mario

TWIP of the day! Want very sheer, natural looking skin?


Try Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer by Smashbox.   SPF 15  Xo Mario


How do you like the new look on my blog?

I’ve been meaning to change and customize the look of my blog for a while now and it’s finally done!  What do you all think of it?  Special thanks to Bryan Viper for designing it!

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