Q & A with Mario Dedivanovic

Makeup Mondays With Mario – The perfect nude lip!

Want to find out how to choose the perfect nude lip color as well as some application tips and tricks?  Go over to my weekly column on Spoiled Pretty!

My Beauty Breakdown on Makeup411.com (Get the Face!)

I’ve been getting tons of  “Get the Face” requests for different looks that I gave Kim in the past couple of months.  I was especially excited when makeup411.com asked me for a Beauty Breakdown as I’ve been a fan of Make-Up Artist Magazine and makeup411.com for some time.  This beauty breakdown shows you how to get the look from Kim’s fragrance launch in Miami.  Check it out to find out all the products I used, including my very own highlighter that I made for GIELLA cosmetics called EYE M GLAM.  Also, read about what inspired me that day… 😉  Xo Mario

Giving Kim a fresh look – Get the Face…

In the recent issue of OK! Magazine, Kim explains how I created this look on her from the Bebe fashion show in NYC.  Read through the page above to Get the Face!  I loved this makeup on Kim…Very fresh and pretty.  What do you think of the natural look on her?

Makeup Mondays: Making eyes appear larger

Want to know how to make eyes appear larger?  Visit Makeup Mondays with Mario on Spoiled Pretty!  This week I teach Jeanette how to create the illusion of bigger eyes.  Xo Mario

Makeup Mondays with Mario – how to apply false lashes

If you have trouble applying false eyelashes, then please read my column today!  Irena asked me for help with applying false lashes and I gave her and all of you a detailed, step-by-step how to.  😉  If you’d like to ask me a beauty question as well, just visit my weekly column Makeup Mondays with Mario on SpoiledPretty.

BeautyXpose interview on Spring 2010 makeup


Check out BeautyXpose to read about my thoughts and predictions on spring 2o10 makeup.  What trends are your favorites when it comes to makeup?

Makeup Mondays with Mario. Getting stick straight lashes to curl

SP-mario dedivanovic2

Check out my column, Makeup Mondays with Mario on Spoiledpretty.com.  This week I answer Jen’s question about getting her straight lashes to curl.  If you want to submit questions for me to answer on my blog, visit spoiledpretty.com to find out how.

Makeup Mondays: Organizing my makeup

SP-mario dedivanovic2

This week on my column, Makeup Monday’s with Mario, I answer a question from Jen who asked how I go about organizing my products in my kit as well as at home…  Check out Spoiled Pretty to get my answer. Xo Mario

Makeup Mondays: 5 tips to being a successful makeup artist…

SP-mario dedivanovic2

On my weekly column last week,  Cassandra asked me for 5 tips on becoming a successul makeup artist.  Check out Makeup Mondays with Mario on Spoiled Pretty for the answer.  😉  Xo Mario

Makeup Mondays w/ Mario…Best undereye concealer!

SP-mario dedivanovic2

Visit Spoiled Pretty to get my answer to your beauty/makeup questions.  Want to know what my favorite concealer is and how to get the best coverage?  Check it out here!  Xo Mario

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