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Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Season 4 Finale tonight!

As a lot of you all know, I flew out to LA to work on Season 4 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  It was a season full of drama, excitement, tears and everything in between. I feel fortunate to have been there to witness Khloe’s marriage to Lamar and Kourt’s pregnancy.  I cant forget Kim’s Vegas birthday! (LOL) The Kardashian girls are truly beautiful inside and out and I had an amazing time glamming them up everyday for over two months.  Kourt – thanks for being the best pregnant woman I’ve ever worked on.  Khloe – thanks for the endless laughs and Kim, my muse – thanks for continuing to inspire me everyday.

I hope you all enjoyed watching the season as much as I enjoyed both watching and working it!   Im so excited to watch the finale tonight on E! because I know it’s going to be sooo good!  Im also sad because Sunday nights wont be the same until next season. 😉 Let me know what you think of the finale!  XoXo Mario



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Get the Face! Khloe Kardashian’s wedding makeup: The complete face!


As you all know, OK! Magazine had the exclusive for the look I gave Khloe on her wedding.  Many of you have been asking me for more details and product info so I’m going to share the “complete face” with you all in more detail.   Here it is – Get the Face!


On Khloe’s skin – To prep skin, I used Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer by Givenchy.  I wanted her overall skin to be more matte, even though I was going for the “glowy Khloe.”  Most of the time, I will later add the glow to the areas I want.  For foundation, I used the new Sheer Matte Foundation by NARS all over skin.  For undereyes, I used a bit of Lift Concealer by Make Up For Ever.  I set everything with a touch of  Translucent Loose Powder by Shiseido.

Khloe’s Brows are filled in with Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil.  It comes in a universal shade.  To darken the brow, just apply more.

Khloe’s eye’s –  On the inner rim of the eyes (tear ducts) and on the brow bone, I used b-dazzle eyeshadow by GIELLA.  All over the lid, apply the golden shade from NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Mediterranee.  On the outter corners of the eyes, crease and along lower lash line, use Antiqued eyeshadow by MAC.  To line eyes on top, inner rim and along the outter and lower lash lines, use MAC’s eye pencil in Smolder.  Finish the eyes with Khloe’s favorite mascara on top and bottom lashes – Lancome Hynose Mascara!

Cheeks – To bronze and warm up Khloe’s skin, I used Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine in Amber Matte. On the hollows of the cheeks, I applied Suntan Matte Bronzelights by Smashbox.  For blush, I brushed Orgasm by NARS on the apples of her cheeks.  To add glow to the cheekbones and bridge of nose, use Albatross blush, also by NARS.

Lips – I lined Khloe’s lips with ColorStay Lipliner in Natural, by Revlon.  To finish, use Revlon’s Creme Gloss in Pink Cami.

I hope you try to “get the face!”   If you do, remember to send me pics of the look so I can post them here! xo Mario


Khloe and Lamar’s wedding, OK! Mag


Hey guys!  Did you check out OK! Magazine that came out today with the exclusive on Khloe and Lamar’s wedding?  OK! was the first to get the exclusive on the makeup I did on the gorgeous bride.  Check it out to see tons of pics and even one of me, LOL!  For the wedding, I did makeup on Kris, Kim, Kourtney and of course Khloe.  Stay tuned as I will post again with some more shots, as well as the complete “Get the Face!”    Xo  Mario

Front Row Makeup for Fashion Week …

For the past 8 years or so during fashion week, I would normally work quite a few shows, or a few too many.  This was the first time that I didnt do any models for the shows at all!  Instead, I was booked solid and back to back working with my beautiful celebrity clients who were attending the shows, parties and hitting the red carpets all over NYC.  Also, the MTV VMA’s were on Sunday so that was the busiest day ever.  Throughout the week I worked with Amanda Bynes, Adrienne Bailon, Guiliana Rancic, new recording artist Jadyn Maria and of course Kim Kardashian, who has just added Beauty Editor to her impressive resume!  Below are just a few of the many that I’ll be sharing with you here.  Stay tuned!

The “Get the Face” girls…

Hey!  Recently, a few girls sent me messages saying that they have tried to replicate the makeup from one of my “Get the Face” posts and sent me pics.  I was so excited and flattered when I saw the images so I asked my Twitter and Facebook freinds to send me pics of them if they had tried one of my “Get the Face” looks.  The pics came through and here they are!  Some are makeup artists, aspiring makeup artists and some are not, but regardless of that – they are all beautiful!  Thank you girls for having fun and trying out one my looks!

There were a few girls that tried Adrienne’s look that I gave her for “Steppin’ Out.”

Thanks again to all of you who sent me images!  You all look amazing! xo Mario

Answers to your questions, LAST PART ;)

   Thank you all so much for your patience with this.  I    hope that my answers helped.  😉

1.    Hi Mario
Loving all the looks you create with your magic..and thank you sooooo much for this amazing blog where people like us (who have no clue about looking as hot as celebrities) can learn SO much from experts like have a BIG HEART!! thank you for sharing your tips and tricks and giving the exact placement techniques…you are a gem!

now to my question…i actually have REEEALLY dark under-eye circles..i am presently using bobbi brown corrector & a mac concealer…i just thought i should take your expert opinion on this..which concealer would you recommend for HORRIBLY dark under-eye circles and which won’t crease alot…?

If the corrector and concealer are not working for you, you may want to try using 2 concealers.  Go with a cream concealer first, like the Laura Mercier secret camoflauge followed by a liquid conceiler.  The Make Up For Ever lift conceiler is really good and doesn’t crease a lot.

and oh one more thing..i read your blog post about weddings..and the makeup you did for your sister’s wedding was AMAAAZING!! OUT OF THIS WORLD i tell ya!! she looks like an ANGEL!!! i know i might be asking too much..but is it possible you could do a close “GET THE LOOK” for your sister’s wedding makeup? i don’t even know if you still remember it..but i would REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could or atleast just a break-down of how to achieve a similar look for the EYES

Yes, I may do a GET THE FACE for my sisters wedding makeup.

i hope you take my questions into consideration as well..thanks in advance!

a regular reader of your blog…

2.    In January of 2010 I am moving to LA to go to Cinema Makeup School. I currently live in New York, do you think it’s wise for me to move to LA for makeup or would it be best to find a school in NY? I want to know where I have a better chance of succeeding and would love to hear your thoughts about it!

It’s hard for me to say where you would have a better chance in succeeding.  LA is great if you want to get into celebrity makeup and film, etc.  NYC is also great for celebrity work as well as fashion work.  A lot of makeup artist eventually become bi-costal like myself.

3.    Love your work!! I went through all the comments to make sure this wasn’t asked already! I wanted to know about eyebrows. How to shade them in, what brow pencils to choose, etc. Thanks!!!

When doing brows, I like to concentrate more on filling in the outer corners.  I fill in the inner corners as well but slightly.  Keep it soft and natural as to not overpower your face.  I love the MAC brow pencils.  There is a color called lingering which is my favorite and usually works well with most blonds and brunettes.  You can also use any powder eye shadow for a softer effect.

4.    Hi Mario! I absolutely LOVE how you do makeup! My problem is that I have skin slightly on the fair side.

I just recently switched from Bare Minerals (I found it did not cover my acne scars or roseca) and switched to Duo Mat Forever Makeup Powder Foundation. I just got a foundation brush from Sephora called ‘airbrush #55

I was wondering what you think the best blendable brush/concealer to cover my face problems would be, and how I should use it. Esp under eye circles and acne scars.

I really appreciate reading your posts, I am so thankful someone with your skill is helping us out!!

I think that brush is great.  In areas where you need more coverage, try using a sponge and then buff the face with the powder all over for an even coverage.  I don’t recommend using just a pressed powder under the eyes.  Try a concealer under your eyes instead.

5.    Hi Mario! I hope everything is going well for you. I have oily skin and wanted to know what face lotion do you recommend? I’ve tried products from Target to expensive La Mer and La Prairie and also I was wondering what is a good face wash to use to remove make up and without make up. I am currently using Shu but for some reason I don’t feel like it works to well.

I also love Kimmie’s make up. I was wondering when are you going to post more GET THE LOOK. I love the make up you did for kim when she attended the fashion show in NYC. Can you share with me and everyone.


For oily skin, definitely use an oil free moisturizer.  There are so many out there and I’m hesitant to recommend one to you.  I love DDF and Peter Thomas Roth moisturizers.  You should try cleaning your face first with a makeup remover wipe then wash with a cleanser.  Being that you have oily skin, you should exfoliate a couple of times a week too.  There is a line out called June Jacobs that I really love.  Give it a try.

6.    For the get the look you did on Adrienne Bailon what color Foundation did you use? what kind and color did you use for loose powder and Concealer?
Your the best love ur blog so much its my Fav!

I really can’t remember what exact shades I used.  I mix colors a lot and it would be overwhelming for me to remember the exact shade of every product I’ve used in the past.  You should find a shade to match your skin perfectly. 

7.    Mario-You are a genius! I want to go into make-up and it helps to hear your story. My question is how to accentuate small eyes? In photos my eyes always look small and squinty. I don’t want to look over done but I am sick of looking like I am blinded by the sun in my photos, haha. Please help.

Small eyes are pretty too ;).  To make small eyes appear more open or bigger, try using a beige/vanilla or white pencil on the inner rim of your eyes.  MAC makes a great white pencil and Three Custom Color Specialists make great Vanilla colored pencils.  They’re called Light Clarifier pencils.  Also, use a shimmer shadow or pencil on your tear ducts to open and separate the eyes.  My favorite is b-dazzle by GIELLA custom blend cosmetics.

8.    Hey Mario, what foundation/skin products and lashes did you use on Kim K. in your first post? I’ve been dieing to know for ages! Looks gorgeous.

On skin- Diorskin nude foundation, Laura Mercier loose powder.  For the lashes, I cut up different pairs of lashes and kind of made my own so would be hard to replicate that.

9.    hey mario, how can i get fuller lips?

Pencil in your lips with a natural shade and go slightly above the lip line.  Also, use a light color on the center of your lip.


10.                       MARIO omg honestly you are the best of the best darlin i saw u at kim’s dvd launch and i was honored! ive been dying to know the eyeshadows you had on kim that day for her dvd launch what was it? and what lipstick did she have on? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know…thanks xoxox

I used neutral, shimmery colors on her eyes that day.  LORAC baked eye shadow trio in Superstar.  MAC lipstick in Myth and Victoria’s Secret Gloss in Pink Guava.

1.    Hello Mario. I am a big fan of your work and was hoping if you could give me some tips on the ever so famous yet tricky smokey eye look. My skin complexsion would be similar to Oprah Winfrey to give you an idea, ha. I want to achieve the PIERCING smokey eye you give Kim K. Also how can I achieve this look without having it smudged underneath the eye. I know you have so many questions to answer. Thank you for your time.


Go with a very pigmented black pencil like Smolder by MAC. Line the top and bottom of your eyes and the inner rims.  Apply dark shadow all over eyelid up to the crease and blend.  Smoke the same dark shadow on the lower line.  To prevent from smudging, be sure to use powder under the eye and over the concealer. 

2.    Hi Mario …..pls pls help me with this, i bought gorgio armani silk luminous foundation 6.5 as evry makeup artist told me this was my perefect shade and I also thought it was but then in my photos I look orange. .is this oxidation issue. I have combination skin. I apply primer, foundation then set with powder.what am I doing wrong. out of all the foundations i’ve tried from different companies this is the one I like most- in terms of look it gives but problem with color of it. Please tell me what shades you mix for Kim as my skin color is similar to her’s and I’m planning to mix my own colors. How to I pick which colors to mix. Also please give advice on what makeup to use to look good in photos. Thank you. Thanks for all your hard working in creating videos, blog all, your advice and tips

Maybe the powder or bronzer that you’re using is changing the color of the base. This happens a lot.  First try to apply just the foundation and take a picture of it to see if it still looks orange.  If not, you’re good.  Use a translucent powder to prevent that from happening.  If you’re still orange, then it’s the wrong shade for you.  Again, it’s very hard for me to remember what exact shades and numbers I mix.  Hope you understand.

3.    Hi Mario,

I rarely wear makeup, but I would like to begin to. In the morning I usually don’t have much time to play with hair and makeup, if any – maybe 5 min. tops. What are the makeup essentials for a simple, quick, and easy look?

For that amount of time, I would say to use a tinted moisturizer all over your skin to even you out.  Apply with your fingers.  Try the Laura Mercier or shop around to find what you like best.  Mascara, a little blush and/or bronzer and a gloss or lipstick on the lips.

4.    Hi Mario,
I live in Ghana and the weather is usually very hot all year. pls what kinds and brands of makeup can last all day here? i am african and am 20yrs but i have these big permanent bags under my eyes. how do i hide them with makeup so i don’t look so tired all the time. thanks.

Try using a primer before you put on your makeup.  Try the photo finish primer by Smashbox.  I think that application is more important than the actual brands of makeup.  Use a primer first, then a foundation and finish with a loose powder.  Use the loose powder with a powder puff.  I like the powder puff’s by MAC.  Press it into the skin and the makeup will last longer.  Same with under eye concealer.  Set it with a lighter loose powder.

5.    Hi Mario,
Let me just start by saying your work is brilliant and inspirational. The fact that you can take the time to answer questions says a lot about you, so I would like to thank you in advance. I currently use MAC prep & prime, Mac studio fix fluid, and fix powder. However I notice that my skin always looks very shinny when I take pictures, so today I purchased the Make up Forever HD liquid and the HD micro finish loose powder. Do you think this was a right move and is it okay to incorporate the MAC pressed powder or will that take away from the HD look? kinda kicking myself for not consulting you first…lol..

I think it’s totally ok to change up and use different brands together and you should.  Try one powder with the other foundation and vice versa.  It could look great.  Use the MAC pressed powder lightly with a brush and you should be fine.  It’s really more about preference.  The HD powder is a lot less coverage and a different look.  Play around with everything and you will discover and learn a lot.

6.    Mario! =)
You’re truly amazing! I sincerely hope you can answer my questions.

1. I have oily & acne prone skin, which I am treating with proactive skin care. I was wondering what foundation would be the best option for oily skinned people like myself? I know there are yellow based and pink based foundations – My skin is light (not pale though) with pink undertones – What foundation what you recommend that would give full and flawless coverage?

Thank you so much! I hope you help me!

Ella xox

Definitely use a matte foundation.  Try the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet foundation.  It gives great coverage and looks smooth.  Follow with a loose powder so it doesn’t start looking too thick.

7.    Hi =)
I have acne pron skin, currently I am using Glo Minerals and I think it is causing me to break out. I am taking prescription medication from the doctor and it seems to be working except for the makeup. What kind of makeup should I be using on my skin? I have tried so many things, I am just tiered of having acne. Please help.


This is a hard one for me to answer as I don’t specialize in skincare.  The best you can do is consult with your dermatologist and see what he/she has to say.  There are a few skin care lines out there that make foundations for sensitive and acne prone skin – I would recommend you to do some research on that.


Answers to your questions ;) Part 2

1.     Hello Mario,

I think the work you do is very beautiful especially on Kim kardashian and the recent wedding post was great. I love the bronzed look and i use bronzer from Smashbox Suntan Matte and i was wondering if the product from model co BRONZE Airbrush Face would work better?

I’m not sure if it would work better on your face or not.  It’s a totally different kind of bronzer so it would give you a different look.  I do love model co products.  I use their body bronzer sometimes.




I use a few different foundation brushes.  If you want one that gives you more coverage, try the Giorgio Armani foundation brush..It’s shorter and the bristles are very full.

3.     Hi Mario!

I was wondering what color eye shadows you recommend for blue eyes. I have more of a gray/blue eye color.

Thank you!!

I love that eye color!  I don’t use grey shadows that much but with your eye color, they do look great.  Try grey’s, black’s if you’re doing a stronger eye, bronze shades would look good too, purples, etc.

4.     Mario,

I can honestly say that you are one of my favourite makeup artists right now. I love your modern, fresh take on makeup and how well your vision for the person’s face translates and brings out their absolute beauty.
I guess I really don’t have a question, but i just love seeing your work and reading about what products you love for what and what works best for you, and seeing videos of you doing makeup because i really learn a lot and i love recreating your looks, so keep em comin! Oh I thought of something….as a makeup artist, I find that I still haven’t settled on one particular brand of foundation…do you recommend any brand in particular? like MUFE, Graftobian, Kryolan….Nars…etc?

Thanks a lot!

I think as a makeup artist, you should have different brands of foundation for different jobs, looks, people, etc.  Right now im using NARS, MUFU, Dior, Armani, etc.

5.     Hey mario! You are very talented!
I was wondering what you do in the summertime to keep makeup looking fresh and lasting all day?

What are some good everyday foundations?

With girls who wear makeup everyday, what do you suggest doing to stay away from breakouts?

To keep your makeup looking fresh and have it last all day in the summer heat, use a primer first and a loose powder to set the foundation.  If you have oily skin, use a oil-free moisturizer and foundation.  Lorac makes a great everyday oil free makeup.  If you have dry skin, try the Armani makeup or a tinted moisturizer.  Laura Mercier makes a great one.  To prevent breakouts, go with a oil free makeup.

6.     Greeting Mario,
Repetative question, but your fans are all dying to know how you pull of your concealer look for your clients. Specifically Kim K’s. What brand of concealer do you use and what brand of powder are you using under her eyes. What is your technique? I can’t wait to see the video you and Kim are coming out with. I’m such a fan of your work. Thank you, 916 Baby Girl

To see my technique and products I use, please watch our makeup video on youtube.  I love the Make Up For Ever lift concealer and the Laura Mercier translucent powder.

7.     Like many fans of your work on here, I love blush and brozners. The problem I have have is choosing the right colors for my complexion and apply blush correctly. I am a woman of color and finding products can be difficult at times. If possible, can you do a video tutorial for applying blushes and bronzers?

You are by far the most talented make up artist I have seen. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating a blog to share your tricks and tips with us!

Refer above for blush techniques.  For darker skin tones, use blushes that are not too light or that have white in them, for example a light pink would not work.  Try reds, bricks, or pigmented peaches.

8.     Hi Mario!

First I have to tell you that you are the best! I love all the looks that you do and I think it’s amazing that you have a blog! Here are my questions:

1)    I know that in the wedding post you suggested the laura mercier loose setting powder. For everyday would you suggest that one too? And if yes do you suggest the traslucent or the beige one?


Yes, you can use that for every day.  If you’re not pale, use the beige one.

2)    Ok may be this is going to sound like a funny question but do you know the product lashes to die for night time eyelash conditioning treatment by peterthomasroth? If you know it what do you think about it. It’s $125.00 at sephora and I really don’t want a buy it if it doesn’t work. Lol


No, sorry I don’t know about it.

3)    Which anti aging cream do you recommend?


Soooo many that are good.  I like the Olay regenerist line.

9.     Hey Mario

– First of all i think you are g.r.e.a.t . I learned sooo much from just watching your video’s !! i looove you!

– I have this question i asked so many “beauty-specialists” here in Germany but i never never got a satisfying answer and thats why I always bought the wrong ( but very expensive ) make up. I have some small scars on my cheeks (left from acne,little bit depressed)..when i dont wear foundation they are hardly visible but when i want to go out or when i have a date i want to put on foundation etc…but make up always makes it look even worse because of the shadows that are created on my some lights it looks really bad i hate it so much that i became obsessed with trying out different foundation but nothing seems to help..or am I doing something wrong?..i use matte bronzers(MAC) and matte foundations (MAC) and a anti-oily-skin creme to prevent “shining” …but its still not how i want it to look :(..i mean i know foundation cant make them dissapear, but Mario do you know something that would help,something to put under the foundation or a technique that would make them less visible? I know you are working all the time with people with “perfect” skin..but I thought I’ll ask it anyway =) i hoooope to hear something from you!! Thanks in advance! Have a nice weekend!

There are a lot of creams out now that can help to reduce the appearance of scaring.  First off, you should begin using those.  The trick would be to not use heavy makeup.  Try using the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer then apply a loose powder with a velour powder puff.  MAC has a great, soft puff.

10.                        for under eyes that somewhat sink in, what is your advice to make it look smoother and more flat under the eye?  Use a lighter concealer to help bring out the “sunken in” look.

if you have acne scarring, what should i do to conceal that…apply concealer before or after foundation? After

is there a way to use the beauty blender without it soaking up the product?  Wet the beauty blender, squeeze it out so that it’s damp and apply the makeup to the skin first, then blend with the sponge.

what bronzer is good for african american skintone(nc50) Try using a pressed powder in a darker shade.

11.                        Hi Mario

Just wondering where i can find the Beauty Tech concealer palette online..I live in Canada so trying to find a website where I can purchase it online..
M  If they don’t have it online, you may have to call them and order it.

12.                        Hi Mario. I’ve modeled in the past and had some really amazing makeup artists work on me and the best were masters at contouring. I’ve tried to do it at home and I can never get it right! Can you share some tips? Thank you so much!

Choose a matte bronzer that isn’t too dark.  Frame your face with it.  If you check out my makeup videos on you tube, you can see how I like to do it.

13.                        Hi Mario,

I’m a Vancouver based makeup artist. I recently graduated from John Casablancas Institute. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how you could started and how you got yourself out there. my email is thank you!

Build you portfolio by testing as much as possible and assist other makeup artists as much as you can to learn.

14.                        Mario- How do you get the undereye area above the cheek bone on Kim Kardashian to look so bright? I love it! What product do you use and specifically where and how do you apply it? Thanks!!

I use different products to highlight that area.  Candlelight by Kevyn Aucoin is one of my favorites.  Apply right on the cheekbones with a smaller brush.

15.                        Hi Mario, i love your work, Keep it up, i just have a question if you can answer me back please, on kims face i seen you ues a power under her eyes i just wanted to know the name of the product.

Laura Mercier translucent powder.

16.                        Mario ,

You are really talented!! Love your blog

Can you please share what highlighter you used on the model for this blog post? Kevyn Aucoin highlighter in Candlelight.

Kim always have this bronze glow on her skin, legs , shoulders.. What can I do to achieve such a look?  Try using the Skinsheen leg spray by MAC on the body.

cant wait for your next post.. I really respect you because you are very people-friendly and your fans love that!!

Mario’s fan here!!! Mario rockssssss..

Answers to your questions, Part 1

Hey guys, sorry for the delay with answering your questions.  Here is part one (the first 20 questions and answers). 

1.     i love your videos / pictures and i think your amazing !!! i was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to correct purple/blue under eye circles and concealors/ correctors you would recommend? i love how you make everyone look refreshed and natural under the eye and it’s always been problamatic area for me so please if you can help me out it would make my day! thanks for your time : )

Thank you!  I suggest using a concealer with a yellow base to it.  Yellow works best to correct purple/blue under the eyes.  Lorac cosmetics makes really good yellow based concealers.  Try a shade lighter then your skin tone.


2.     What are your make up must haves? what are your favorite make up brands? what moisturizers do you use?

My must haves – Beauty blender sponge, MAC velour powder puff, L’oreal Voluminous mascara, Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, Smashbox bronzer in Suntan Matte, etc etc etc.  I have way to many favorite brands to list.  I use so many brands.  I pick and choose my favorite products from each line.  I use Kiehls moisturizer, Giella ginseng + vit c moisturizer, cetaphil.

3.     Hi Mario, Just started reading your blog. I love how you do Kim K’s face. I noticed that you make her cheeks so defined and they end up looking amazing. I have a face that is similar to that complexion. When going for an “everyday look” what blush and bronzer do you recommend? In other words what is your favourite Blush and Bronzer?

I can’t wait to see more “GET THE FACE” posts. You are amazing!! Truly an artist!

Thank you.  A great everyday blush and bronzer – Orgasm by Nars.  You can’t go wrong with that.  For bronzer, I love the Smashbox matte bronzer or the Nars Laguna or the Dior amber matte.

4.     Hi Mario, you’re makeup talent is unbelievable! you are by far better than the rest…i have a couple ?’s:

1)    how do you apply blush so perfectly and make it look so good?? Where and how is blush supposed to be used? it is my favorite makeup staple but i feel as if everytime I apply it, it doesn’t look as defined and flawless.

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks only.  Start out with very little on the brush, smile, and sweep over the apples of the cheeks.

2)    What is the easiest way to apply liquid eyeliner?

Tilt your head up a bit in the mirror and pull your eye out on the outer corner with one hand, then apply the liner with the other hand.

3)    I looooove love Smashbox bronzer, but am getting sick of it, do you happen to know of any other great bronzers??

You can try the Christian Doir Amber Matte bronzer.

5.     I love you work!!!!!

What blush or bronzer did u use on this model (picture on top) I love it!
also whats your favorite bronzer?

I used the NARS bronzer in Laguna on Sky Nellor in that picture and Desire by NARS for blush.

6.     Hi Mario! I bought the Stila brush you recommended and I love it!!!!! However, I am having a hard time finding the LORAC flatter edge brush you used for your video with Kim K. Do you know where to find it or a good substitute for it? Thank you for sharing. You are the best!!! I love your works….

Try the Sephora brand retractable all over shadow brush.

7.     Hey mario!!! what foundations do you use most of the time? what is your favorite foundation? what is your favortie make up line?

I use many different foundations for different skin types/jobs, etc.  Giorgio Armani, Make Up For Ever, Stila, Dior, Laura Mercier.

8.     will you make anymore videos?

Yes, I will.  I have one coming out that I just did with Khloe Kardashian.  It takes time to shoot them and edit, etc but I will do more. 😉

9.     Hi Mario,
i think you are great at what you do and love alll your work so far!!
i have a big problem lol i have really small eyelashes what do you think is the best mascara? also how did you get in the business? i love the way you make Kim look so TAN how do you achieve that? ok love thanks muchas Gracias!

For small eyelashes, I recommend curling them first so that they appear longer and applying a couple of coats of the L’oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black.  To achieve a tan look, frame the face with a bronzer.  Be sure to apply some to the neck too.

10.                        hey mario what loose and presses powders do you use?

I love the Laura Mercier loose powders right now and the MAC studio fix pressed powders.

11.                        Hi Mario,

What are good combinations of eyeshadow colors, something you can wear causally? Something besides the browns?

It depends on your coloring.  I like greens mixed with gold, applied with a soft hand for everyday.

12.                        Ok Mario, here we go, what is the trick to putting on false lashes, its so difficult but it makes a big difference in the complete look? And also please send me a link to a tutorial on the “smokey eye” look. Thank you soo much. Oh yah and are you gonna be in the Vegas area around June 24- 29? i and my sisters would love a personal tutorial make over. Thank you for your time.

Apply the glue to the lashes and let it dry almost completely so that it is “tacky,” then apply to the lash line.  If the glue is too wet, it will not stick.

13.                        Hi Mario!! i was wondering if you had any tips/tricks for working with oily skin. Are there certain products that work better then others like primers or eyeshadows? I am sure you come across many skin types so any advice or tips you have would be awesome!! Thanks so much! I love all the looks that you do and I am super excited you have a blog!!

When I’m working with oily skin, I use an oil free moisturizer or a primer first.  There is a product called Make Under.  It’s a great product and works nicely with oily skin.  They also make a good eye shadow primer.

14.                        Hi Mario, big fan of all your work – your video with K Kardashian was really helpful!
The one thing I can’t seem to master is the “dewy” look. I’ve tried using highlighters and primers but i still just look matte! I have normal/dry skin, HELP!

When you do your makeup, don’t apply an powder especially to the T-zone.  Use a very emollient moisturizer, not a primer.  Try Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer all over the skin.  To highlight cheekbones, use a liquid highlighter like the benefit High Beam.

15.                        Hi Mario! I would like to know how to match make-up and outfit…I love bright and colorful eyeshadows, but if I match it with what I’m dressing I’m afraid I’m overdoing…what do you think? when can someone wear purple, green or blue eyeshadows?

I’m not a big fan of matching makeup with clothing.  It can be a bit tacky I think.  You can try wearing colorful or bright shadows when you’re wearing nude, white or all black clothes.

16.                        i LOVE your work, i think you’re truly an artist. I’m sure you have experience with South Asian clients in the past – from that, do you have any products you think specifically work better on that kind of a skin tone?

What’s your opinion on MAC vs Makeup Forever? Do you like one over the other, or feel like it’s pretty even on quality of things like foundations and eyeshadows?

Products that are yellow based would better for your skin tone.  Lorac cosmetics makes great foundations that are yellow based.  I like both MAC and MUFE  and use both.

17.                        What self tanning should I use with light skin.

Neutrogena makes some great self tanners.  They come in different shades.  Choose the least dark one.  If still too dark, mix it with a moisturizer and apply.

18.                        I always have trouble applying blush without it loose powder falling onto the rest of my face, and it’s never even. What is the proper way to apply blush, and any tricks??

For a more even finish with blush, make sure that your skin is powdered first to prevent a blotchy look.

19.                        Hey Mario, I have dark hair and eyes, and a medium complexion, can you suggest a day eye color, that isn’t dull?..Thanks!

Try Lorac eyeshadow in Serenity.  It’s a great everyday color (tan/peachy/gold tone) for they eyelid.

20.                        Mario,
I am African American and LOVE the way you do makeup. I have two questions, I have really dark circles under my eyes and every concealer i try make me look ashy or greenish once it sets…any suggestions of a brand is should try? I have pretty much tried them all. Secondly, could you possibly do some get-the-looks on some darker skin tones so I can have a little something to go by! Thanks Love your work.

If makeup is looking ashy on you, you need to go with something that has more red in it.  You should most likely try a pallete so that you could mix colors.  Derma Color and/or Beauty Tech have great palettes with different shades including, reds, pinks, etc.  Choose a color that matches your skin and mix a bit of the red-ish  shade in it to cancel out the ash.

Pretty in Purple – GET THE FACE!

This was a really fun shoot with a mermaid theme.  I don’t use bright colors that often so I was excited to do so this day.  I really pushed for the smokey purple eyes instead of the usual black and I love it! LOL.  So girls and guys, GET THE FACE –

On Kim – I used Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous foundation to get a more glowy look.  I mixed a couple of the colors to get the exact match.  It’s set lightly with Laura Mercier translucent powder.  The brows are filled in with CORK by MAC.  On the lids I used Stars N’ Rockets by MAC.  In the crease, outter corners and under the eye, i used Deep Truth – also by MAC.   Right below the Deep Truth shadow, I blended Creme de Violet shadow (a lighter shimmery purple, MAC) all the way down to the cheek bones.  I also swept a bit of it on the brow bone.  The liner on the top is a very pigmented black liquid that I blended myself from GIELLA cosmetics.  In the inner rim of the eye, I used the black power point pencil from MAC and ALOT mascara – Bad Gal mascara by Benefit.  For this shoot, my assistant and I cut up a bunch of different lashes and I placed them in peices all over the lash line so I wouldn’t be able to tell you the brand or style type.

For blush, I used Angelika by NARS and the bronzing powder by LORAC ( framing the whole face and on the hollows of the cheeks).  To get that glow all over the skin and on the bridge of the nose, I blended my own color with different pigments and shimmers but you can get a very similiar effect by using Shroom shadow by MAC, or if your skin is darker, try Trace Gold blush by MAC. 

For Kim’s lips, I used alittle bit of the foundation on them, followed by a clear gloss.  So easy 😉


On Kourtney – I used the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Fawn all over her face, followed by Laura Mercier loose powder in Beige. 

On the lids – Creme de violet.  On the outer crease is vibrant grape and also on the lower lash line.  I used Smolder by MAC on the inner rim of the eyes and blended into the vibrant grape (with more on the outter corner).  I filled in her brows with Espresso shadow by MAC and brushed them with the MAX FACTOR clear brow gel.  Her eyes are lined with Feline, also MAC.  For eyelashes, I used L’oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.

On the apples of the cheeks, I used NARS blush in Desire and I framed her face and the hollows of the cheeks with the new Tantalizer baked bronzer by LORAC. 

Lips are lined with Spice by MAC, blended towards the center.  Lipstick is called Mario Pinched My Lips by GIELLA cosmetics, followed by a clear gloss.

On Khloe – For skin, I used the Matte Velvet foundation by Make Up For Ever and set it with the HD translucent powder, also by MUFE.  Khloes eye makeup is almost identical to Kourtney’s, except on her lids, I used red violet by MAC – so refer to her eye makeup above.  I used a few coats of the Lancome definicils mascara on top and bottom lashes.  Her lashes are filled in with Lingering pencil by MAC.

The apples of cheeks are brushed with Orgasm by NARS and the cheekbones with Good as Gold by MAC.  Framing her face is the Guerlain Terracotta bronzer.

For lips, I used Lingering lip liner by GIELLA cosmetics blended all the way in and followed by the Lip Enhancing Gloss in Expose by Smashbox.

On Kris – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation followed by Make Up For Ever HD powder.

Brows are filled in with MAC shadow in Cork.  I used creme de violet by MAC all over her lid and vibrant grape on the outter lids and on the crease.  I then used Carbon by MAC on the outter crease for more intensity.  The inner rim is lined with Smolder pencil by MAC.  Lancome definicils mascara on top and bottom lashes.

NARS blush in Desire on the apples of her cheeks and Smashbox bronzer all over in Suntan Matte.  I used Artificial Light Luminizing lotion by Smashbox on the cheek bones for a glow and on the center of the lip.  Lips are lined with subculture by MAC and turkish delight gloss by NARS.

ps.  I know you’re going to ask about the concealer, LOL but I can’t say because I was testing out and blending some formulas (with no names or colors yet).  😉  Hope you guys GET THE FACE!!

XO Mario




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