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Watch me share tips/tricks on BeautyBFF

Jenn Falik, beauty/fashion expert and host of Beauty BFF on msn recently had me on her show to discuss some supermodel beauty tricks. Take a look and let me know what you think! ūüėČ Mario.

Beauty blogger tells all: “my day w/ Mario Dedivanovic.”

Beauty blogger (, makeup artist and sweetheart Kashonda (pictured next to me) just blogged about “her day with celeb makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.” ¬† That day was this past Sunday as I hosted an all day workshop for Industy Art Shops. Her blog is appropriately titled because she had me blushing this morning!

Check out Blushing Me Pink and read on as Kashonda shares her workshop experience .  Thank you Kashonda for attending the workshop from out-of -state and for taking the time to share your experience.   Most importantly, thank you for learning and for allowing me the opportunity to teach.  Xo Mario

Answers to your questions…

Hey guys!  Tomorrow is the workshop in LA and many of you have been asking what the Artist Portfolio Event is and the difference between that and general admission.  General admission is for those who want to come and watch me do a full makeup demonstration on a model and hear me speak, answer questions, share my tricks of the trade, etc.

The Artist Portfolio Event is optional and means that after my demo, you are given your own professional model to do makeup on and have her photographed by a professional photographer. ¬†You can then use the beauty shot for your portfolio. ¬†General admission attendees are welcome to stay and hang out during the artist portfolio event as well. ¬† This is a sweet message from a woman who wrote me after the Dec 4th class‚Ķ she was nervous because she wasn’t a makeup artist:

“Mario, I really want to thank you for all the valuable info that you shared with our class on Dec. 4. ¬†You are an amazing Artist with so much talent. ¬†We chatted very briefly outside. ¬†That was my first professional makeup workshop ever. ¬†I knew I was going to be nervous and maybe not understand everything but your spirit is so calm and welcoming I felt so at home with your instruction. ¬† You are the best!”

I hope this helped to answer your questions.  You have one more day to register, so click here!  Xo Mario

Workshop on January 16th and pics from the last one!

On January 16th I’ll be hosting another amazing workshop for Industry ArtShops in LA! ¬†Our December 4th workshop went so well and I loved meeting everyone that came. ¬†The Dec 5th workshop was cancelled last minute due to a minor injury on my leg ūüôĀ but on Sunday the 16th we’re welcoming all who registered for the Dec 5 class AND there are now spots available to register if you want to attend! ¬†To register for the January 16th workshop, CLICK HERE. ¬†Limited Space and only 3 days to register!

Ill be posting a lot more pics and a video from the workshops! ¬† Enjoy ūüėČ

Highlight Action and Options…

I just came across StyleBust, a very cool site covering all things stylish. ¬†Check out this review of Eye M Glam, the all over highlighter that I created for Giella Cosmetics. ¬†I’m very flattered to say the least! ¬†When I created this highlighter, I never thought it would become a product in Giella’s line but I’m so glad that it is available to you all, as it is one of my staples that I rarely work without. ¬†Thanks¬†StyleBust for making me smile and thanks to all of you who continue to write positive reviews of Eye M Glam. ¬†XO, Mario


My workshop is only a couple of days away and Im very excited! ¬†My goal for these workshops is to make sure that you all leave that day feeling fulfilled and inspired. ¬†In addition to learning from the makeup demonstrations, career advice and hands on opportunity to build your portfolio with professional model and photographer, I wanted to be sure that you all left with the proper tools and makeup. ¬†I think my goal will be accomplished!¬†¬†The amazing sponsors have generously sent me all of my favorite products that I’m giving to everyone who attends on Dec 4th and 5th. ¬†You will all be going home that day with the best makeup and brushes worth hundreds of dollars. ¬†Thank you to the sponsors for making this possible.

December 4th – SOLD OUT

December 5th – Theres a FEW spots left that they added. ¬†To register, click here. ¬† ¬†You can register for the portfolio event OR the general admission. (General admission means you will not be doing makeup on a model for pictures but will be there for everything else.) ¬†ūüėČ ¬†XOXOX ¬†Mario

Dec 4th/5th – tons of goodies for ALL!

Im looking forward to my workshop/seminar on December 4th and 5th! ¬†Industry Art Shops just told me that people are coming from Kansas, Georgia, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, San Diego, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, LA and LONDON! ¬†I don’t even know what to say?? Im so thankful and can’t wait to meet you all.

December 4th is SOLD OUT and there are a few spots left on the 5th. ¬†Again, anyone can register. ¬†It is for makeup artists at all levels and for non-makeup artists also. ¬†We will also have models and photographers available on the 5th for those who register for the “Artist Portfolio Event.”

Later today, I will let you all know who the sponsors are and all the amazing products and brushes that will be filling up the gift bags for each person. ¬†The gift bags alone are worth more then what you pay to attend! ¬†Talk about a return on investment. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Stay tuned! ¬†To register for December 5th, click HERE.

Beach Bunny Safari Glam Campaign

This shoot for Beach Bunny swimwear, photographed by the amazing Yu Tsai was so much fun to work on! ¬† Check out the video below and watch Cameron Russell take you on a glam safari. ¬†The gorgeous hair was done by Syd Curry. ¬†I gave Cameron sexy, smokey eyes using bronze and nude shades. ¬†Stay tuned for the images of the campaign that I’ll post soon. ¬†Enjoy. ¬†Xo, Mario.

The Eye M Glam contest rules!

You still have a few days left to email pics of your most glam makeup!  Please take a second to read the contest rules below.

I will be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of my favorite products and tools that I personally pick for the winner, in addition to Eye M Glam highlighter.

Please take the time to actually do a very glam makeup on yourself, take pics of it and send them over. Many of you have been sending old pics of different makeup or blurry images taken in clubs or outside. ¬†I won’t be able to consider these entries. ¬†I’ve seen quite a few retouched images also. ¬†Please do not retouch! ¬†Get inspired and paint your face – I want to see glam makeup – lips,lashes and all. ¬†Do not be afraid to paint. ¬†Think Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Iman, Jennifer Lopez, RuPaul, Dita Von Teese, Kim K, etc. ¬†If you’ve already sent me images but wan’t to do it again, please do!

1-3 images of the same look. ¬†If you send just one, make sure it’s close up so I can see the makeup.

I do not want to see professional, retouched photos or photos of your favorite look from 7 years ago that you took at a bar. LOL!  The makeup should be done for this contest.

Subject line should say “Eye M Glam giveaway”

Please write in ONE sentence why you are glam.  (no right/wrong answers). ONE SENTENCE.

Last day to submit pics to is November 7, 2010.

Here are examples of pics of glam looks I took myself behind the scenes…

Are U Glam? Show Me and Enter the Eye M Glam Give Away!

Im sure many of you are painting your faces for Halloween as I type this so here is a little inspiration while you glam up!

Im going to be sending a lucky someone their very own EYE M GLAM highlighter which I created for Giella Cosmetics, along with a few of my other favorite products and tools from different brands that I personally pick for your face!  Here is what you have to do to enter a chance to win:

Send me pictures of your makeup to ¬†I will choose a lucky winner who I think has the MOST GLAM makeup! ¬†In your email, please tell me in one sentence WHY YOU ARE GLAM. ¬†There is no right or wrong answer. ¬†The look you submit does NOT have to be from Halloween, but if it is, that is totally fine as well. ¬†I want to see faces that are beautiful, glamourous, stylish and even a little wild-ish so don’t be afraid to paint!

No more then three images per person.  At least one image should be a close up of the face.  Subject line should say EYE M GLAM give away.  Last day to submit your images will be on Sunday November 7th, 2010.

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