Makeup Mondays With Mario – FAB in 5!

This week on Makeup Mondays With Mario, I explain what you can do and recommend products that you can use to look fab in just 5 minutes. Check out my weekly column on SpoiledPretty.com and ask me your beauty questions too!  Xo Mario

Makeup Monday’s With Mario – Getting tan the right way

This week on Makeup Mondays With Mario, I answer Tanning questions, give product recommendations and share my techniques for self tanning you own body and face at home.  Visit Spoiled Pretty to get my whole answer.  Xo Mario

Makeup Mondays with Mario. Getting stick straight lashes to curl

SP-mario dedivanovic2

Check out my column, Makeup Mondays with Mario on Spoiledpretty.com.  This week I answer Jen’s question about getting her straight lashes to curl.  If you want to submit questions for me to answer on my blog, visit spoiledpretty.com to find out how.

Makeup Mondays with Mario: Keeping foundation on your face…

SP-mario dedivanovic2

Makeup Mondays With Mario is my weekly column on the amazing beauty blog, SpoiledPretty.com.  If you haven’t already checked it out, please do!  I give you in depth answers to your beauty and skin questions.

This Monday, I answer a question from Khalia who’s having problems with keeping foundation on her face and off everything else. To ask your beauty question, visit my column.

If you missed last weeks question and answer, check it out here.  I give a cat eye tutorial to Mariel.  😉

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